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Danger Close Consulting Surefire G2 Light Mount [2010-03-07]

[Originally written 03-07-2010]

About a month ago on www.lightfighter.net Jon (aka M4Guru) announced his company Danger Close Consulting would be offering three different low-profile light mounts for the Surefire G2, Surefire 6P, or Surefire "E" series.

I have been running the Danger Close Surefire G2 mount for a few weeks, and I've been very impressed with the design and the quality. I have tried the light mount on several different rail systems. I had no issues fitting the light mount onto LaRue, Daniel Defense (Lite, RIS II, and Omega X), Vltor VIS, PRI, or KAC free float rails. Even though the specs and shapes of each of these rail systems are a little different, the Danger Close light mount fit each rail without issue, and kept the light very close to the rail.


- Solid one piece design
- Simple
- Rugged
- High quality
- Cost effective ($45)
- Light weight (Surefire G2 mount is 1.4 ounces)
- Very low profile, puts the light where it's easy to activate (even for guys with small hands)
- Can be mounted in several different postitions
- Fits a wide variety of different rail systems
- Solid nylon tipped set screw won't mar your rail system

Note the nylon tipped set screw:

The Danger Close Surefire G2 mount weighs 1.4 ounces. The G2 mount with Surefire G2 (with LED bezel, aluminum clicker tail cap, and two CR123 batteries) weighs only 6 ounces. As a frame of reference, I've always considered the Surefire x300 on a LaRue Tactical mount to be a lightweight weapon light. The x300 in LaRue mount weights 5.6 ounces.

Below are a series of pics showing the Danger Close G2 mount on several different rail systems. Note that the bezel of the Surefire G2 does not contact any of the rail systems.

Danger Close G2 mount on a PRI rail:

Daniel Defense Omega X rail:

Knights Armament Company Free Floated RAS:

Daniel Defense RIS II:

Another shot of the Danger Close Surefire G2 mount on the Daniel Defense RIS II. This shot shows how close the light and mount sit to the rail without either the mount or light bezel touching the rail system.

Daniel Defense Lite Rail:

Vltor VIS:

Front profile of the Danger Close Surefire G2 mount on the Vltor VIS:

A few different angles on a LaRue Tactical rail:

Various pics of the Danger Close Surefire G2 mount with Surefire G2:

Note the hole or window in the mount that allows you to see which rail you are at:

Many rail systems have holes in the slots between the rails. The set screw on the Danger Close G2 mount is located high enough that the holes don't interfer with securing the light mount:

I am a Police Officer by trade, and one observation that I have made during my career is that cops are cheap. Most police departments don't have "deep pockets", and in a large majority of agencies the individual officer has to provide his own patrol rifle. Most LEO's probably already own a Surefire G2, 6P, or E2 series light. Even if the individual officer doesn't own one of these Surefire lights, he could get the light, the mount, and rail for under $100.

On 03-17-10 Jon from Danger close released pics and weight of a new skeletonized version of their Surefire G2 Light mount. Not only does look better, but it's also lighter weight, at only 0.8 ounces. Pic of the new skeletonized version of the Danger Close Surefire G2 Light Mount: